Welcome to our mid-life crisis! These are the chronicles of Laura and Patrick, their young son Jack, and their goofball Labrador Retriever named Evinrude (Rudy), as they travelled the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific coast of mainland Mexico in their catamaran. We went cruising in search of a change of pace, a closer knit family, and peace of mind. We found all three and more. The fun all started in October, 2008 and nearly four years later the Mexican adventure came to an end August 3rd, 2012. With our mid-life crisis cured in Mexico, we are excited to start a new adventure - life back in America.

Patrick has since joined the Sales Team of Marine Servicenter as a boat broker. Whether you are looking to make your dream of sailing away come true, or ready to sell your boat he can help. He can be reached at http://marinesc.com/about/crew/patrick-harrigan

Candeleros Chico

Candeleros Chico
Just another beautiful day at anchor on the Baja. 2010

Dolphins at play in the bow wake 2011

Dolphins at play in the bow wake  2011

Sunday, April 12, 2009

La Paz Again, but just for a little while

We traveled with Sunbaby from Mazatlan to Bahia de los Muertos in the first ever Just A Minute Invitational Fishing Derby. After listening to all sorts of big talk from Patrick and Jack for days before we left, Bill smoked their hinies. Just a Minute landed four fish, all little skipjacks that aren't even good to eat. Meanwhile Bill pulled in his first dorado ever, and it was definitely a keeper. All 55" of it! Once at Muertos, Sue whipped up some ceviche and we all got to enjoy it.

On our trip over we saw our first sea turtle! He was an Olive Ridley, about as round as a car tire. He popped up right in front of our boat as we were motoring along and I had to swerve to miss him. We passed him about twenty feet off the side of our boat and got a good long look at him as we went by. It was thrilling to see a sea turtle in the wild. We also saw lots of flying fish. When we first saw them, we mistook them for birds because they really do fly, and for long ways. However, when they are done flying they just dive back into the water and disappear. They are really neat to watch.

Since arriving in La Paz, we have secured berth at the Singlar marina on the edge of town in company with Summerwings and Sunbaby. It's great to see Summerwings again. Kim and Ken are finishing up their time in Baja and have their catamaran for sale. Here's a link for those interested in joining us down here http://home.mindspring.com/~kkcordes/id22.html Summerwings is ready to go, all you need to start are bed sheets and some food, all for under $175K. If we had seen this boat when we were looking, we would have jumped on it - well maintained, outfitted for cruising and ready to go. We almost missed seeing Kim and Ken. However, when they heard Sunbaby and Just a Minute were returning to La Paz, they postponed their departure by four or five days, so we could all get together. We've spent the last couple of days hanging out together. It's been a lot of fun - maybe a little too much fun.


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  1. I'm loving your blog. As a poor sod who is tied to the corporate race right now (in Toronto) I envy your ability to break away. I'm 34 with two young kids (4 and 2) and my wife and I are actively talking about leaving it all behind. I'm keen and it's taking my wife a little longer to get her mind around it.

    Where possible can you talk more about your passages, what they are like, how your son does through them, the risk of bad weather and how you deal with that slight chance of things getting hairy etc...?

    Finally, any chance you can talk about how handy Patrick is? Has it been your experience that he's had to fix a lot of things along the way? Has he always been good with doing that? Being someone who is not mechanically inclined I'm wondering how much of a hindrance that is.

    Thanks and I hope fair winds continue to blow for you.