Welcome to our mid-life crisis! These are the chronicles of Laura and Patrick, their young son Jack, and their goofball Labrador Retriever named Evinrude (Rudy), as they travelled the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific coast of mainland Mexico in their catamaran. We went cruising in search of a change of pace, a closer knit family, and peace of mind. We found all three and more. The fun all started in October, 2008 and nearly four years later the Mexican adventure came to an end August 3rd, 2012. With our mid-life crisis cured in Mexico, we are excited to start a new adventure - life back in America.

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Candeleros Chico

Candeleros Chico
Just another beautiful day at anchor on the Baja. 2010

Dolphins at play in the bow wake 2011

Dolphins at play in the bow wake  2011

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nothing says "Easter" Like the Pacifico Dancing Girls

It's Semana Santa (Holy Week) and boy, does Mexico know how to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. The entire country of Mexico seems to go crazy on this holiday. Every beach up and down the coast is lined with tents, picnicers, crowds of people, loud music, and dancing. Mazatlan is seemingly shut down to a stand still with incredibly bad traffic. Sirens are heard throughout the city. We've experienced Semana Santa now three times in three separate parts of Mexico, and it's pretty much the same where ever you are. It's nuts. Carnival and Christmas are dim celebrations compared to Semana Santa.

Here at El Cid, we are insulated from the madness of the city, but there's still a bit of party going on here. The resort is packed with probably 90% occupancy. The pools are loaded with kids. Every day live bands blast out music by the main pool. Today we caught the Pacifico Cerveza Dancing Girls and Guys. Jack was disappointed since he thought the girls were a little too modestly dressed in their sarongs. The Sol Cerveza Dancing Girls we saw in Barra two years ago were wearing string bikinis. Now they knew how to celebrate the Resurrction.

Rudy knows how to celebrate, too. He's not allowed on the beaches anymore this week. The first time Patrick threw the ball, Rudy ran straight to somebody's picnic basket and started chowing down before Patrick could get to him. Too embarrassing! Thankfully, they thought it was funny. The next day, when Patrick threw the ball, Rudy ran over to a fisherman and stole all of his bait. The fisherman also thought it was funny. I wouldn't be quite so kind if some bad dog spoiled my day on the beach. We aren't going to try again.

Today's live band and their own dancing girls.


  1. Girls,girls,girls.More,more,more!Rude Rudy strikes again. Jack the girls love dogs.Go get them.Just kidding Laura. Not realy Jack. ;))

  2. Hey Jesse!
    When I was at the pool sipping my drink and watching the guys while Jack was watching the girls, I thought of you. I could just imagine you enjoying the setting as much as we were - and helping Jack critique.

  3. Ha! It sounds like Rudy is, er was, thoroughly enjoying the holiday week as well! We can't wait for Wylie and Rudy to meet and get into plenty of trouble together...it sounds like Rudy has some new tricks to teach Wylie!

  4. We would love to meet you guys, but it doesn't look likely to happen due to timing. If the boat sells, we won't be doing the summer in the Sea. If it doesn't sell, we may be there, but probably unlikely. Nevermind, you and Wylie will have lots of fun without us.