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Candeleros Chico

Candeleros Chico
Just another beautiful day at anchor on the Baja. 2010

Dolphins at play in the bow wake 2011

Dolphins at play in the bow wake  2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Change of Plans

Nearly every one of my posts could be titled "A Change of Plans" it seems. Me and the rest of the cruisers. You have to flexible between weather, breakdowns, immigration busts, injuries, and the like. Sometimes it seems like just when you make a decision, something happens and you have to come up with Plan B, or C, or D.

Plan "A" was to boogie up to Puerto Penasco and leave the boat there for a month or more while we drove home to the States. There were several advantages to that - Puerto Penasco is WAY out of the hurricane area, we got to be ahead of the herd of cruisers who are on their way up, we would get to enjoy the N. Sea of C when it was a little cooler (July) and miss some of the hottest times in the N. Sea of C (August/Sept), and very few cruisers get up there so it seemed like we would have the place to ourselves.

While we were here in Santa Rosalia, we asked the marina manager to call ahead to the Singlar in Penasco and make a reservation. The word came back that they were full. No openings. Even the Santa Rosalia manager was surprised! It's usually empty. There are other marinas in Peurto Penasco but since we had never been there, we were leary to make a reservation at one and then find out when we got there that it was a dump. The Singlar chain of marinas are all pretty nice, but there is no guarantee for other marinas. We've occasionally seen marinas in Mexico that we would not dream of using, let alone leave our HOME at unattended for a month and a half. It was too big of a risk for us to take. So we went with Plan B.

We're leaving the boat here in Santa Rosalia and we are going home from here. We've been working through all of our chores that we need to do before we can leave the boat. The list is long, but the work is going well. Plan B has some disadvantages - we'll be behind the herd now, we won't miss any of the really hot time, and our trip has to be shorter since Santa Rosalia's potential of being hit by hurricanes increases significantly in early August. But there are two advantages, the car is here and we have a slip in the marina. That's good enough for us. We hope to be leaving by Saturday. USA here we come!


  1. I heard this rumor, but you have now confirmed that it is a truth. You know what happened to the last Lagoon 38 left in Santa Rosalia for the summer? Well, all I can say is Toast and JAM.

    Love you guys! Miss you! Kisses!

  2. Very Cute!
    Meri,you are just MEAN sometimes! I do have trepidations, but we will just cut our trip shorter and keep a close eye on http://eebmikes.com.
    Laura sv JaM

    PS. Let me know how your summer is in Mazatlan.

  3. Let's have a contest...who can make and then change more plans. Funny thing is I don't know of a cruiser who has ever stayed "on Plan". They call those folks dirt dwellers...in a nice way.